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Meet Bishop Andudu, The shepherd of a dispersed Church due to War in Sudan


 By John Ndeta,

Rt. Rev. Andudu Adam Elnail is a true sojourner ofChristian faith in today’s age and time. Consecrated in the year 2002 at only 31 years of age, Bishop Andudu became the youngest Bishop under the Episcopal Church of Sudan serving in the diocese of Kadugli. Since then, the servant of God has known no peace and has turned out to be the head of a persecuted and dispersed church originally from South Kordofan State. This State though largely inhabited by the Africans of Nuba Mountains still remained under realm of the Government of Sudan when the Comprehensive Peace Agreement that paved way for the creation of a new nation - South Sudan was signed in 2005 here in Kenya.

The subsequent 2011 secession of the South Sudan did not help as areas of Abyei, Blue Nile, Darfur and the Nuba Mountains though occupied by blacks remained under the Sudan Government that is heavily controlled by the Arabs. The Servant of God from Nuba Mountain is a theological graduate from Uganda Christian University (UCU)in Mukono and shared his story with me when he visited the CMS-Africa International Office in Nairobi late October 2014.

Bishop Andudu has long standing relations with CMS in that though CMS-Africa, he has been able to establish a liaison office in Juba where he coordinates functions of the Kadugli diocese in diaspora.

“The church in South Kordofan State is persecuted, dispersed and scattered due to lack of peace. As Bishop, I have been involved in peace work for a long time. I’ am the current chairman of the Committee of Peace Experts who will be meeting in Addis Ababa to discuss on peace in the areas of Nuba Mountains, the Blue Nile, Abyei and Darfur mid next month,” Bishop Andudu reveals when I ask him about what the church is doing to foster peace in these war torn regions of Sudan.

He further notes that the conflicts in these areas are slightly different from the conflicts going on in South Sudan. These 4 areas have resource based conflicts arising from the power struggle between the North and South for control of resources.

South Kordofan State whose capital is Kadugli is a State under siege as the two Governments of Sudan claim supremacy. In the upper side, the Government of SUDAN is in charge while the lower side is increasingly under Government of South Sudan. “The two centres of power keep bombarding this State with missiles. There are days when bomb shells are littered across the Nuba Mountains due to bombardments from the North and South,” says Bishop Andudu.

The Bishop observes that South Kordofan State is literally being ripped apart and people have been forced to flee for their safety as the diocese of Kadugli and its parishes are being run over by warring Government forces,” says the Bishop Andudu.

The net effect is that the lower side of Kordofan has more churches than the North but there is limited or no humanitarian aid. “The casualties are the locals and many have been cut off from any humanitarian supply for the last 3 years,” notes the Servant of God who has travelled across the world in search for humanitarian support for his scattered flock.

“The war has caused the church to disperse and what was originally Kadugli Diocesenow has churches spread in six different countries: Sudan, South Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Egypt most of them in refugee camps like Kakuma in Kenya,” he confirms.

Refugee Camp Mission Week

In the first week of November, Bishop Andudu has invited missionaries from the US to visit his churches in Kakuma Refugee Camp- Kenya. The missionaries will hold medical camps as well as carry out a mission’s week to the Sudanese refugees residing in Kenya.

Elusive Peace in in Sudan

In the year 2009 Bishop Andudu was invited by the African Union to participate in the peace process and has been actively engaged in seeking a lasting solution to the problems of Sudan.

“Peace is one thing that we need in SUDAN: South and North particularly in Nuba Mountains to allow for survival of the people sandwiched by warring Government factions,” says Bishop Andudu.

By God’s grace, another round of talks between the North and South Sudan have been scheduled on November 12, and Bishop Andudu is privileged to be the chair of Committee of Peace Experts who will be meeting in Addis Ababa to find a lasting solution for Nuba Mountains. As this peace talks draw nigh, Bishop Andudu trusts that the Prince of Peace will take over the mantle of peace in South Kordofan State and all other hotspots in the entire Sudan. Pray for Sudan that Christians shall find peace and the church of Jesus Christ allowed to flourish in that land once again.

Leaders Conference in Juba: November 25th to 30th 2014

BishopAndudu has organized a reunion meeting for all the ministers and servants of the Lord God serving under Kadugli diocese but scattered across the 6 countries across the region. The meeting will bring together priests from Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan, Sudan, Ethiopia and Egypt.

The team of Priest from the dispersed churches will also have a chance to elect an Assistant bishop to support Bishop Andudu in coordination of God’s work under the diocese of Kadugli now scattered all over East Africa. The meeting will also strategize on how to raise funds to support the priests who are now scattered all over

The meeting is to be held in Juba; South Sudan from November 25thto 30th2014 and CMS-Africa prays that the Lord God will gather his church- Kadugli diocese and take it back home like he restored the Children of Israel to their land after many years in exile.

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