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Meet Moses Engwau, the CMS-Africa Representative, Uganda

Moses Engwau, the CMS-Africa Representative in Uganda is the Co-Founder of the Business Development Center in Uganda, and currently serves as Executive Director in Kampala, Uganda working to transform people and nations through business.
Mr. Engwau who specializes in Business Coaching and Mentoring, Entrepreneur training, and Micro Enterprise Development argues that 9 out of 10 people in Africa who leave their homes for work every single day work in a small microenterprise. He further reveals that most businesses of those that end up closing, get cash trapped and fold-up because they never understood their own cash flows.
Moses leverages a broad experience in business development and non-profit organizational leadership and development, with significant experience around Africa. Moses is also passionate about Business as Mission (BAM). The mandate for BAM stems from being member of the local Church, which is charged with the responsibility of bringing healing to the broken world.

Moses Engwau UgandaIn his view, business is at the heart of every city: “In fact, cities start as trading centres. Commerce is therefore a very integral part of any city and our calling therefore is to try bring healing in this area.”
So as to impact the business area, Moses says his main strategy is developing and implementing a biblical worldview to business by countering all other views that choke business ventures hampering their usefulness for God’s Kingdom. BDC training materials are thus hinged on biblical world view; negating animistic, secular, hedonistic beliefs. The three perspectives manifest in the business world a lot yet it is the biblical worldview that can only bring healing to the businesses in Africa.
It is important that the business people examine the worldview upon which they operate. Key for BDC is to present the world view that we call doing business from the head, heart and stomach. In this worldview we expose what the people think about their approaches to business, staff, clients, and customers, suppliers, and the quality of the goods they deal.
CMS-Africa played a key role offering training and supporting Moses to initiate the Business as Mission theme under BDC.
About Business Development Centre
BDCs started out as a partnership with the International Chamber of Christian Commerce (ICCC). In 2007, the Presidents of four African nations invited ICCC to help them develop their countries. ICCC invited delegations from each of the nations-Rwanda, Burundi, Liberia, and Benin—to meetings in Israel where historic trade agreements were signed. These were the first trade agreements between Israel and African nations since Israel’s 1967 war.
BDC is a license bought from Regent University in the US and now has training centres in Port Harcourt Nigeria; Bangalore in India; Kigali in Rwanda; Kampala Uganda, and Capetown in South Africa.

Be-Know-Do Program
The Programme is designed to offer best practice through interaction with global entrepreneurs and access to capital. BDC’s main goal is to prepare and nurture entrepreneurs to start and grow businesses with ethical values.
“We minister to the heart of an entrepreneur, fill them with knowledge of business operations and skill their hands for productivity and profit,” says Moses beaming with confidence and assurance.
Participants in this programme are mainly tertiary level entrepreneurs, while others are Post-University graduates who have started a business that is struggling, planning growth or intents to expand it. It emphasizes hands-on learning to prepare aspiring entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the challenging world of business start-ups. Much of the program consists of field assignments where students observe, research, analyze, and test their ideas in the marketplace.bdc
“For every person who goes through the Be-Know-Do programme, BDC develops a long term relationship with the people offering them coaching and advice. In so doing we use the opportunity to disciple them in the business world and for Christ,” affirms MosesOne of the key outcomes of the BDC training programmes is that people launch and grow their own businesses, while continuing to receive support from BDC. “We train medium and small scale business, which have the potential for a global outlook. Our focus is not on microenterprise development which are businesses run by one person,” he says.
BDC Uganda partners with Mission to the World, a ministry of the Presbyterian Church of America to implement her programmes. They have also partnered with the World Bank Group to deliver the training. Currently with operation in Uganda, South Africa, Nigeria and India, BDC has trainings courses in operations, marketing and financial setups or modeling. “We train our participants to pitch their businesses and be ready for their investment. To date, we have helped one person scale up the soap making business, shoe manufacturing business, hospitality industry,” affirms Moses
Over 125 Ugandans have gone through this training since 2013. It takes 90 hours of business training and another 90 hours of field work for one to successfully graduate from this programme. The course takes 14 weeks in total but it is delivered in 2 week blocks. The model has been a great success in Rwanda and Uganda and is ready to be replicated in different nations of the world through the licensing facility initiated entirely by the Regent Center for Entrepreneurship

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