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Wholistic Community Transformation through Greenspan

Greenspan Enterprise is engaged in wholistic (or integral) ministry in conjuction with CMS-Africa in transforming lives and communities. CMS – Africa are working to envision, equip and mobilise the church in Africa to make a transforming difference in Africa and beyond. This includes equipping local churches to identify and initiate local responses to brokenness in their communities by using local resources to meet local needs. This vision is implemented by Greenspan through its partnership with CMS-Africa and Limuru Community chapel one of the local churches in Limuru within Kiambu.

Greenspan seeks to serve in locations and roles where we can make a real difference through wholistic transformation. We enjoy credibility and the opportunity to demonstrate and share the gospel of Christ as we build relationships and serve the local church. We use various approaches to achieve this to make Christ known. Some of the ministries include; Discipleship/Outreach ministry through, Women of Destiny, Pastrol Care, Benovelence, Farming, Environmental conservation projects.

Women of Destiny Ministry.

Women of destiny was started in 2011 under the umbrella of Greenspan with an aim of improving the living standards of the community by enriching their relationship with God, training and empowering women; to provide them with practical assistance to be able to reach their goals. Strengthen and enrich their relationship with God.

In one of the fellowship “Women encouraging Women fellowship” one of the women had this to encourage the others. “What you think is a mess may indeed be a message in the making. Let God help you fellowshipturn your life, your situation, your circumstances around. He can make something beautiful out of what you think is total chaos. Release it and stop trying to fix things yourself.

Release it and stop going through endless guilt and depression about how things got so messed up. Release it and get up, dust yourself off and start living again! Have you ever noticed how beautiful mosaic art is? Broken bits and pieces put together creating something beautiful! Release it and watch something beautiful emerge.

Greenspan has been in the business of empowering women through the trainings using CMS tools like financial freedom for vulnerable women. We encourage women to start small business to support themselves and their families.

We train simple principles of starting new businesses using CMS tool like financial freedom for vulnerable women. From this tools the women learn simple methods of book-keeping , record keeping and simple transaction techniques.

Meet Judy Nyambura one of the many women who have started small briquette businesses. The initial capital she got from the merry go round, which is practiced by the group. Judy Nyambura is in her judynyamburaearly twenties a single mother of two.

In her new business of selling briquette she uses solar lanterns.On average it is dark by 6:30 year round. Solar Lighting allows rural families like Judy to extend their workday into the evening hours. By the close of the business at 8pm, her income has increased as compared to those who close by 6.30.pm. solar electricity helps promote local enterprises as small shops and village markets can use the systems to provide lighting to operate during the evening.                                                                      

Several women and young people have taken the solar business the only income generating activities to support their families.

Solar laterns:

-improves, health issues,Fumes from kerosene lamps in poorly ventilated houses are a serious health problem in much of the world where electric light is solarlaternsunavailable.

-improves Fire-Reduction,Kerosene lamps are a serious fire hazard in the developing world, killing and maiming tens of thousands of people each year. Kerosene, diesel fuel and gasoline stored for lamps and small generators are also a safety threat, whereas solar electric light comes as the safest measure for all.
Improves Literacy rate, Solar light improves literacy, because people can read after dark more easily than they can by candle or lamp light. Schoolwork improves and eyesight is safe-guarded when children study by solar powered light.

Saves Energy, Solar electricity for the Third World is clearly the most effective energy conservation program because it conserves costly conventional power for urban areas, townmarket centers, and industrial and commercial uses,


Josphine Njeri(Mama Gakinya) used to live in a very despair situation have been in an abusive marriage. She had always desired to upgrade her business from greengrocer to a mini-shop. After attending our mentorship training on financial freedom for vulnerable women . Florence had a turning point which she had desired for long. She is able to do record keeping, savings and retain clients. From the training she was able to advance from greengrocer to a mini-shop within the same premises, She uses business as mission approach. Now she is managing the two . She uses her business to reach out to many hence “Business as mission” By this she is able to capture or attract more customers, according to Florence her shop has become a one-stop-shop. She runs her business at Ndenderu village, Ruaka location, Kiambu County.


Greenspan have been in the business of promoting the use of vertical gardens nationally. They have also helped develop an urban gardening program that teaches students construction, and farming skills.

The program benefits the greater community, too—students and communities sell fresh, organic produce from their garden at their small farm. Occasionally Joseph (Rachels’ husband) is featured in one of the local media, “three stones” training and demonstrating on how to construct a vertical garden.

  Farming Gods Way Technology

Technically, the laws that God has put in place in creation for the most productive ecosystems in the world include, little or no soil disturbance, no destruction or stadrewsincorporation of surface organic residues and a significant biodiversity of species. In keeping with this, we model our agricultural practises through farming Gods’ way. This program emphasizes a biblical perspective on farming an environmental stewardship that connects the Christian faith with the most common vocation on the continent.-agriculture.

Robert gives some ripe tomatoes to Rachel the facilitator of FGW “thanks to the biogas slurry my tomatoes grow so fast,” he says

farminginGodsway Since I learnt the principles of farming Gods way from Greenspan, My farming practices have really changed. The practice is not labor intensive, but the yield is amazing. When combined with the use organic fertilizer got from the biogas the harvest has tripled. I harvest four boxes a week as opposed to the traditional method where I harvested 1 ½ bags per week.

He also uses the slurry in his cabbages and kales.The biogas unit is also an additional blessing.

The biogas initiative has continued to gain cognizance as one of CMS-Africa’s covert tools for mission effective for mobilizing churches and communities for Christ across Africa.

Greenspan has partnered with the Anglican church in the Diocese of Mt Kenya South under Anglican Development Services.(ADS).Another important lesson learnt is that CMS-Africa needs no longer to work alone since there are already existing bodies in Africa who are competent enough in construction of the units and training of the masons – it is in this regard that Simgas came on board., “Simgas has trained all our masons including myself. Our job as Greenspan in conjuction with CMS-Africa is to conduct community mobilization.

Florence is a client of Greenspan. She heard about Greenspan projects and CMS-Africa through a training seminar on farming held at ST Andrews church in Githiga a combined effort of Greenspan and the florenceAnglican Development Services at ST Andrews Anglican Church at the diocese of Mt Kenya South.” During the training, they talked about biogas and I became interested. Those are the connections that led to the construction on my biogas unit.”Florence was installed for a biogas unit by Greenspan in partnership with SIMGAS; the widow can only enjoy the benefits of what were once waste products from her animals. “Initially, I used charcoal , firewood for my cooking needs and I often bought Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) when I get some money – still all these were very expensive,” Says Florence.

Florence kept pigs as an income generating activity where she sells the animals to Farmers Choice and the cows for milk purposes only. She confesses that biogas was then the last thing on her mind says” Little did I know that pig dung can be used for production of biogas. “ I get a lot of biogas from pig and cow dung. I save about Kshs 5200a month ever since I started using biogas for cooking, “she says.


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