Emanuel Humanitarian works children's home was started by Jacob and his wife.

OHE--- Emmanuel Humanitarian Works which means GOD is among us is the home to 26 orphans 10 girls and 16 boys. The charity was started by Mr and Mrs Jacob Kabey in 2000. The 2 went through the SSA training Mr. Kabey who hails from Bandundu Province that neighbors Kinshasa has his own 6 biological children and the last one is growing up amongst the orphans who live in his house.
The firstborn is 32 and married; living with his family in Angola.

Mr. Kabey served in the Army, presidential Esxort during Mobutu Seseko era. He was in charge of the special services of security and witnessed lots of injustices in the Mobutu regime. This made him to be repentant and gave up his position and ran to Angola. In Angola, he started his own freight campany and opened offices at Ndolo Airport and Bandundu province. His business flourished when Mobutu ruled but fortunes changed when the dictator was disposed. The opening up of Congo through road transport meant air freight lost its place. This is true due to the building of the road from Kinshasa to Bandundu under Prewident Joseph Kabila.

It is actually proceeds from the freight company that helped him to build a home that he now uses as a children's home. The idea was birthed out of the VISION Conference topic of doing act of love to your neighbor where by Jacob and his wife decided to help children who has no parents in their area.

I first came across CMS-Africa in Goma. Later on the ECC linked me with Rev. Jeff Sikabwe who visited the orphanage in 2015.
This vision was birthed from a prayer group that meets in the palatial house of Mr. Jacob. Through the prayer group and support to the needy children, the couple was encouraged to register fully as an orphanage.

In the process, they registered both at the chiefs office as well as the office of the Mayor within Kinshasa.
To get the official registration, it is Mandatory that one satisfies rules and regulations governing orphanages in DRC. The thresHhols number of children that qualifies one to be registered is 25 children. since Jacob has 10 children he was feeding at the time, he was allowed to register but added 14 more street children from the office of the mayor. These were children who were under the care of another French lady in Kinshasa but she has folded her work and gone back to her home country leaving these needy and deserving children on the hands of Government.

The government officials were therefore happy when. Mr. Jacob showed interested in registering an orphanage and gladly handed over to him the 14 kids who had been left homeless once he satisfied the requirements from the authorities in order to run a children's home.

OHE Objectives:

  1. Take care of the children by playing a parent role.
  2. Feed, accommodate, educate and train in various vocations and professions 3. Endow the children with societal values and believes that enable children to become useful members of the church, society and community at large.

Impact to date
Mr. Jacob prides himself for having 4 of these children now at the university. One of the children is studying medicines and will soon graduate at a doctor. Te second child who is at the university is studying economics at National Pedagogical University (UPN). Two others are studying catering and education respectively at UPN.

The rest of the children at the orphanage at in secondary and Primary schools within Kinshasa.
There are two who are in vocational training and also help in the Orphanage shop as shop attendants.
The children home has over the last 16 years served as a mentor ship centre where more than 50 children have been mentors and prepared for life.
I also learnt about the tree of problems and tree of solutions. I have applied the tree of solutions on my 14 acre land where I carry out agriculture.
I farm 4 acres and utilize half the produce on the orphanage and the other half is reinvested on the farm for future farming. That has kept me going in te last 2 years.

Prayer Needs
The OHE orphanage director Mr. Jacob says they are faced with a myriad of challenges each and every day. From the children physical needs like medication, food and clothing to financial needs mainly school fees to witchcrafts and utter indiscipline amongst the children constitute some of the challenges that the orphanage battle with on a daily basis.

Pray for God to continue opening ways and means for all those involved in running orphanages. Jacob thanks God for the training organized by CMS and delivered by Moore Bii. The training was done for the people running 13 orphanages within Kinshasa. The theme was sharing of best practices of working with street children. The objective was to equip them with skills on how to handle children in their orphanages, fundraising, security management of an orephanage among others.
From the workshop, I learnt how to deal with children. I put into practice what I learnt and even discovered some disorders with some of the children whom I have sought relevant help from the church and medical institutions.

On November 21 we joined the rest of the world in marking the international Day of Children in Kinshasa where of over 150 children from children's homes across Kinshasa participated Pray with OHE against powers of witchcraft and sorcery which has attacked his orphanage in the past.

Case of 8 year old Jacob Kabeya; named after the owner of the child Kabeya who came to the orphanage from Maluku has no no name and Jacob have him his own name. The boy who had been living with the auntie was accused of being a witch and the auntie decided to kill the boy. He put the boy into a sac full of stones and and dumped the boy next to River Congo to drown. The boy was discovered by neighbor brutally injured and the neighbors decided to take the boy to OHE children home when he was only 4 years of age. When he came to the orphanage, his head was full of scars but here he is, he is now growing up in stature with the favour with God and men!

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