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New Missions Frontiers for CMS-Africa

Interview with Fanny Ng; the first ever Asian Intern at CMS-Africa

Fanny2017 will be remembered as the year when CMS-Africa received the first ever Chinese Intern.
Under the global partnership with Chinese Ministry in Kenya, Fanny NG was attached to CMS-Africa for a couple of Months. Here is an excerpt of the interview our Communications Manager John NDETA had with Fanny who served under the Communications docket. Fanny, using her media skills helped develop short video clips for various programmes that are in use on social media and for fundraising purposes.

  1. Who is Fanny NG and which parts of Asia do you come from and what percentage of Christians do we have in that country?
    I am a born again Christian from Hong Kong (HK) whose number of Christians stand at 5-6%, without significant growth and increase to those who are converting to Christianity in the recent past.
  2. Tell us a bit about your Christian Faith and Journey to date
    I didn’t come from a Christian family but I was growing up surrounded by Christians since 7 years old, as I was part of Girlsgade and I went to a Christian high school.Even so, I didn’t become a Christian until 2009, I experienced Jesus in my lives when I studied overseas, like how He answered my prayers, and how He has helped me through difficult times, may be because I was away from friends and family a long while for the first time.I was very skeptical at what the Bible said at first, but at the same time I cannot deny how real He is presenting in all aspects of my live.
  3. Why did you chose to volunteer/intern in Africa
    I think Africa chose me.I had an idea of going on a mission trip 5years ago, but didn’t have the courage.Early 2016 year I wasn’t in a very good shape spiritually, but God remained me about this trip through a non-Christian friend during a casual chat. I knew at the moment He is speaking to me half a year later I took courage to send an email to OMF office in HK applying for this short term mission trip. I asked them to decide the destination for me because I didn’t have any idea.It was around that time Wayne Wong was in Hong Kong, and came across my application and willingly took me on board to Africa, Nairobi Kenya
  4. How was your 5 month experience serving in Christian Missions for the 6 months?
    It was very exceptional.I spent 6mths in Nairobi with Pastor Wayne Wong who runs the Chinese Christian Fellowship at Parklands Baptist Church. I found Pastor Wayne and the team, doing Christian ministry to the Chinese in Kenya very inspirational for me as Christian. The idea of Chinese Christian Ministry in Kenya itself was quite a shock to me when I first knew, because I never know there are so many Chinese in Africa!The 2nd shocking point is they are actually a lot younger than I anticipated, I was in awe how God loves them so much, enough to bring Wayne and Irene and the whole team in their places of diaspora to reach them.
  5. What did you like and or didn’t like when you worked oversees in Missions?
    I like it very much my experience both with Wayne serving the Chinese Ministry and my stint at CMS-Africa. CMS-Africa particularly was a nice small team, very warm and homely.The working culture is very different to HK, in HK it is a lot rushed and high pressured, and always worked overtime till 8pm or later. In Kenya, it is relatively relax and happy.
  6. Any lessons learnt from your time in Africa and particularly CMS-Africa?
    I have learnt to see things from another perspective. I particularly interacted with some of the CMS-Africa Literature and liked the Wholistic Transformation agenda covering the spiritual, Wisdom, Knowledge and physical aspects of mankindI realized life in Hong Kong used to be very materialistic and result driven. I think by working and living in Nairobi for 6mth I learnt to shift my focus on building relationship, knowing and caring about people, hearing their stories.It’s like going back to the basics and I feel more fulfilling and happy. I have learnt that God is the ultimate control of time, regardless how quick or slow I can get things done.I especially enjoyed the fellowship moment with CMS-Africa team. One of the CMS-Africa colleagues John Ndeta invited all the team to visit his new born baby boy named Jayden Johnson where we ate and talked in his house. It was a very pleasant Friday afternoon and it was lovely memorable moment for me.
  7. Any resolutions and decisions you commit to after your experience at CMS-Africa Missions work?
    The work of CMS-Africa really challenged me how big and powerful the changes can bring along when the word of God is put in context. I am in awe with all the hard work CMS-Africa is faithfully doing, getting in touch with people in rural, and spending time to teach, to fellowship under their them, renewed mindsets, transformed communities.I was challenged to be more faithful and patient in my serving role, knowing transformation would brought about by God himself working through his Holy Spirit.
  8. What is your honest assessment/opinion about CMS-Africa work?
    God let me participate and witness what amazing work he is doing among Chinese in Kenya. I saw Kenyans being bridges of Chinese to know the gospel, and I know it is just the beginning of it. God's plan is to call a lot and a lot of Chinese to Christ through the community and churches of Kenyan.
  9. Closing remarks / Observations/contributions?
    For me this 6 month is like a gift from God. I was thinking about doing missions, expecting to 'give' a lot but turns out I received way more than I expected, like how being warmly ministered to by Wayne and Irene, meeting a lot of friends, Chinese, Kenyan, I was very thankful and humbled. God's grace is more abundant than I expect and I thank all those who loved and greatly supported me from my Mission partners Ruth and NK before I met other friends in NairobiI encourage everyone to take a little courage, step out their comfort zone and go on missions.You will be surprised by how God can use this to change you and the way you see things. It is going to be a life-long memorable experience for me!

(Special thanks to Pastor Wayne Wong and his lovely Wife Irene for making this first ever experience possible)


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