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About The Programme

CMS-Africa is committed to promoting the cause of wholistic ministry that is undergirded by a biblical worldview and renewed mindsets. We then teach the application of a biblical worldview in the different sectors of society and facets of human life e.g. business and commerce, education and science, art and media, music, environment and agriculture, politics, etc.

The Objectives ofCare of Creation Programme it is to teach the knowledge and especially the application of a biblical worldview in the sector of stewardship of (natural) creation (i.e. nature, the environment and all related matter like agriculture.

In the recent past, CMS-Africa through this program has facilitated the training in environmental stewardship by working closely with Care of Creation Kenya (CCK) a registered NGO in Kenya.

CCK have provided trainers, and trained some of our champions, contacts and resource people in the biblical principles of environmental stewardship and how they can be applied to meet daily human needs and leave the world a much better place.

Training Activities

a) We have had Care of Creation Kenya train alongside our VC in Rokon diocese of South Sudan.

b) Care of Creation Kenya trained in Machakos and Makueni dioceses as part of the ABD (anaerobic bio-digesters that produce biogas) project.

c) We have taken two SSA facilitators and a key contact to be trained as CCK trainers- one because a CCK trainer and later on mentored another individual as a co-trainer. Together, they have trained farmers and churches in Nairobi, Embu, Mwea, Makueni and Nakuru. (CMS-Africa seeks to have CCK train more of its contacts to be resource people in care of creation).


a) Care of Creation has managed to grow into a major rallying platform for environmental stewardship.

b) We supported the publishing of books by CCK that are available for training and discipleship.

Where we work

· The strategic role for CMS-Africa is developing trainers, and would work with CCK to get more resource people who would be available to the churches and communities across Africa and beyond. We facilitate training for farming communities or churches in rural areas, generally.

Planned activities

a. Part of my goals is to embark on the process to become a trainer available to CCK and CMS-Africa.

b. Follow-up trips to Makueni, Nairobi and Embu of training conducted by Lucy Muchiri and Frederick Chege

Full Farming In Gods Way Plot

 Full Farming In Gods Way Plot

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full Farming Gods Way plot11The images below were taken on the 1st of April on the tail end of a bad drought (a 6 month stretch of almost no rain!). They highlight the dramatic difference FGW can make. The short corn is a field farmed under conventional "bare soil" methods, where the ground is routinely ploughed. The taller corn is a field which has been managed under principles of FGW for the past 4 years, where soil has been nurtured, protected by mulch, restored with organic matter, etc. Both plots, separated only by a metre, were planted on the same day with the same seed and received the same amount of inputs along with some brief showers in early December 2014. We believe God is calling farmers all across Africa to glorify Him and to love their neighbour by becoming excellent stewards of the land he has entrusted to their care.


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