Edition 95


Edition 95

1st Timothy2:5-6 

“For there is one God and one mediator between God and mankind,

the man Christ Jesus who gave himself as ransom for all people."

THANKSGIVING for Prof Emil’s 30 years of Missionary Service in Africa

One of the longest serving Church Mission Society (CMS) Mission Partner in Kenya Prof. Emil Chandran and wife Mano leave Nairobi/ Kenya for good on 27th May to their native home in India. Emil has served for about 30 years and is grateful to God for the mission service in Africa including 26 years in Kenya and 4 years in Zambia.

Please pray for the negotiation Prof Emil and wife Mano are currently having with CMS on us continuing as Mission Associates in India, Asian Region. Please pray for this lovely servants of God as they go back to settle in India after 37 years of service across the world.


CMS-Africa and the world at large received shocking news of the loss of one of its champions in Rwanda Victoire Uwamaliya who served as the Mothers Union Leader of Byumba diocese.

Please pray for Bishop Emmanuel Ngendahayo of Byumba Diocese that the Lord will give him strength during this irrecoverable loss.
Victoire was a simple and straight forward person, very analytical and a hard worker in service of God. For the years Victoire has been known to us, she was outstanding in God’s service and many at CMS-Africa fraternity share in this untimely loss.


Give thanks unto God for the opened door for F4 Program to go into South Sudan. Henry Mwaniki and Sarah Gitahi travel to South SUDAN last weekend to start the F4 training program in partnership with FOCUS South Sudan and the Lord gave them safety through their travels.

Continue to thank God also for the work of CMS-Africa Representative in South Sudan Rev. Pauline Walker who has been instrumental and very supportive in seeing this initiative of reaching south Sudanese with tenets of financial stewardship through F4 program take off.

Burundi remains in a limbo with now the embattled President Pierre Nkurunziza now postponing the elections after an attempted coup following days and weeks of bloody protests in the countries Capital, Bujumbura. The masses in Burundi are opposed to the bid by their president to vie for a third term in the forthcoming elections.

Pray for the people of Burundi would know peace and stability once again.

Pray for Missionaries and Christians in Burundi that they shall know the peace of the Lord God that surpasses human understanding in such difficult political times.

The Rt. Rev. Elias Chakupewa Bishop of Tabora Diocese Tabora, Tanzania (East Africa) reports that the Bible training in Tabora shall soon resume after five years of closure. “Our first 20 students will be arriving at our Bible School in Tabora at the beginning of August for their three months course,” says the Bishop. Pray for Rev. Amos Musigwa who will be coordinating the course. Pray also for all the clergy in Tabora who will be teaching at least one subject.

This programme requires funds and the coordination teams is seeking your partnership in prayers and support on how to run this programme. The course is intended to end at the end of October 2015. Next Couse will be in February to April. Tabora Bible School is also seeking volunteer theological studies lecturers to come and be with them during these sessions either as short or long missionaries.

Thanksgiving for a successful VC

CMS-Africa Representative Stephen Mosheni was in Tanzania, Kagera Province, Bukova District, Gaterero ADP under World Vision Tanzania for 5 Days from May 11th to 20th. We had a nice time 25 participants who attended the VC and at the end of the training initiated 5 seed projects to be followed through by World Vision. These include, tree planting projects,

The Vision Conference greatly challenged peoples Worldview on dependency syndrome. The training helped people discover who they are, where they are and resources in the community. Many people we inspired and desired that their folk also receive this message. When I went to Adventist Church, I used to read my Bible and am now greatly inspired to search Biblical truths about life.


Thanksgiving for Lausanne regional conference on Creation Care and the Gospel held Mid-May

The Care of Creation and the Gospel Conference whose goal is to spread a biblical vision for creation care as a gospel issue and to highlight how this issue holds tremendous potential for missions, for discipleship, and for ministry to the poor is ongoing at Brackenhurst Hotel, Limuru from Monday this week.

“Over 140 delegates are in attendance from different countries in the region so far. These are men and women who have a heart for environmental stewardship and this conference will equip for better service to God, humanity and nature. ” Craig Sorley from Lausanne Creation Network, USA

F4 Training program at All Saints Cathedral

The F4 training program through its churchwide campaign is going on well and the team is full of thanksgiving for the support received thus far from the All Saints Cathedral. “For the last 3 months we have been walking with the All Saint Cathedral in tripartite training program for the church workers, church-owned school staff as well as the entire congregation classes scheduled to run till July this year,” says Henry Mwaniki.

Henry is grateful to God that many of the participants are grasping fundamental stewardship principles as spelled out in the F4 program. Please pray for the entire F4 team even as they work with Church to foster biblical principles of stewardship. Pray also that the participants will continue through the training as they experience transformation.

WOMEN Training Program

Pray for Women training Program even as they finalise plans for the women training to be held on 26th to 28th May. The target audience for this training later in May are business women from Mathare slums who will be equipped with basic business skills based on biblical perspectives for a training on financial freedom for vulnerable women at ST Teresah Eastleigh.

The training targets women from Mathare slums and will be part of the bid to empower women in informal settlements to eke living from prudent management of the meagre resources accessible to them

YOUTH Ministry reaching out to International Students at Carlile College

CMS-Africa has a new ministry opportunity at Carlile College through the Youth Program which is exploring ways and means of equipping international students for missions work with young people before they return to their homelands when they graduate. This arrangement is such that the international students meet from 4.00pm to 6.00pm every Thursday for orientation and training on CMS-Africa’s 3D program.

This is an opening for partnership on ALL programmatic engagements of CMS-Africa and we pray that the seeds planted during this sessions shall germinate into big missionary venture in all the countries of their origin. Last Thursday, the Youth Training Coordinator James Kweyu has been attending Thursday sessions at Carlile College where he has already introduced the 3D Youth training programme

CMS-Africa Dinner in August 2015
Plans are underway to host a mega dinner in support of the footprints campaign in August this year. The inaugural CMS-Africa Fundraising Dinner is scheduled to take place on August 29th at Nairobi and the main speaker Mr. Ram Gidoomal from UK has confirmed.

To date we have send out an e-card invitation to nearly two thousand contacts and we are trusting God that as many as have received this call to action will respond in the affirmative.

Please pray for the central planning Committee led by Rev. Dennis Tongoi even as they put in place strategies and plans to see this event succeed. The goal is to raise Sh.50million to support the ongoing construction of a 9 floor story building that is designed to ensure sustainable missions work in and from Africa.

Pray also that the various categories of people who will be reached out will become partakers of this God’s mission at such a time as this.

Herbal Garden

CMS-Africa has been promoting Herbal Gardens Limited as one of its Business as Mission models in Kenya. Herbal Garden finally got a suitable location and has finally moved its operation within a different locality but still within Nairobi

Pray for an urgent need of Ksh. 1M to normalize its operation in the new place and an additional injection of Ksh.3M required to enhance productivity of this company now focusing more on manufacturing and production of Herbal products from aloe Vera among others.

850 Chania Building Project

Thank God for the signing of an MOU with an investor

“Praise God for the signing of an MOU with an investor from UK to fully finance the development of the 850 Chania project. Pray for operational issues and preparation being put in place to ensure that the construction work starts sooner than later that the Lord shall orchestrate all things to fall in place as planned,” says Rev. Dennis Tongoi.

Pray for the needed renewal permits from Nairobi County Government to be issued. Pray also for the transfer process of the land title deed to proceed without encumbrance so as to enable the construction work commence.

Call to prayer for mission activities

CMS-Africa produces this weekly prayer bulletin that is widely shared amongst mission circles in Africa and abroad every Tuesday. This is in line with CMS-Africa goal of creating a network of prayer warriors across the globe who champion mission and Christian ministry issues.

We are thus requesting you to kindly share your needs for prayer on a weekly basis for inclusion in our Prayer Circle. This could range from planned mission activities to special events, ongoing projects and functions that you may be involved in across the continent and beyond.

IMPORTANT! We observe confidentiality and ensure that only relevant information is shared.

You can send your list of prayer items to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit this link

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