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Edition 99/2015 JOB 14:7-9 (New King James Version)
"At least there is hope for a tree: if it is cut down, it will sprout again and its new shoots will not fail. Its roots may grow old in the ground, and its stump die in the soil, yet at the scent of water it will bud and put forth shoots like a plant.”


Pray for Jean Bosco Tshiswaka, Timothy Mission Partner working with the Diocese of Katanga's Kimbilio Project plans to visit the UK from the end of August till early October. Tshiswaka has recently just submitted his visa application to the British embassy in Kinshasa (the Congolese capital) approximately 1,000 miles from Lubumbashi. Due to the high cost of the airfare he is obliged to wait in Kinshasa the 21 days it will take for a response to his visa application. We would appreciate your thoughts and prayers that he would be granted a visa quickly enabling him to come and share more about Kimbilio's work in the UK.


From Uganda, join Reverend Moses Isabirye in praying for the All COU Clergy Conference slated for 17th to 21st August 2015.  This is the first of its kind.
Pray also for the August Mission from 16th to 21 at St. Andrews Church of Uganda, Bukoto.Pray for the Conventions in Kabale, Kampala Diocese, and Provincial Youth Convention in Dec.2015.
“Lastly but not least please pray us as we prepare for elections in 2016 for peace, justice and God's reign,’say Reverend Isabirye.

Wholistic Community Transformation

From our Partner in Uganda; Transforming Nations Alliance, Judith Murungi says kindly join us in praying for the forthcoming events:
ü  Nsambya Vision Casting for Church Leaders in Makindye Division, Kampala.
ü  Presbyterian Church of Uganda Vision Conference.
ü   Young Empowered Network (YEN) Vision Conference early in September 2015.
ü  National Seed Project Day August 15, 2015.
ü   CBCT Module 5 Training on Marriage & the Family Mid-term Evaluation July – August 2015.


Pray for Mission Associate Donald Werner, Vice Chancellor of Bujumbura Christian University. Pray that the university may be able to start the new term in September as projected. “The Bujumbura Christian University hopes to open again on Monday 24 September.My difficulty is to persuade potential sponsors that this will happen...ie. to financially act because they have faith in God's plan - even before solid evidence is given,' says Donald.
Thank God for using BCU to give the future leaders in church and state a good higher Christian education that will help stop history repeating itself.


Pray for the Burundian refugees, perhaps as many as 30,000, who have fled to Rwanda (and to Tanzania and DRC) that they may find help, support and pastoral care. Among those who have fled are the vice president, the speaker of the parliament and many young people. Pray for the church in Rwanda, that the members can show practical love and concern for these people.
Continue to pray for mission associate Meg Guillebaud as she progresses with her visit to Rwanda and Uganda. Pray for strength, health and safety in all her travels.
Africa Forum member Sally Botteley flew out to Rwanda and Uganda in mid-July. While there she is helped to lead the first youth exchange with REACH youth (Rwanda) visiting YEM youth (Uganda) – to gain understanding and break down potential barriers. Please pray for those who organised it, and for all involved as they reflect back and learn from their experience.


Pastors finally released
Sudanese pastors Michael Yat and Peter Yan Reith, who had been accused of crimes against the state and if found guilty liable to be executed or sentenced to life imprisonment, have been found innocent of all charges and released. Let’s give thanks to the Lord for this.
The wife of one of the pastors said: “They have been just released after the court found them innocent of all charges put against them.”   
Please continue to pray for their protection and safety; and remember others still in prison

F4 Training in Juba and Wau

Pray for Dennis Tongoi who will be making trips to South Sudan this Month to train on F4 Juba and Wau. The second rounds of trip is this coming weekend on 17th-18th August.
Please pray for journey mercies and God's wisdom even as Dennis trains and mentors Christians in South Sudan on biblical stewardship of God-given resources.
Pray also for our partners and conveners of the F4 Programme in South Sudan; the FOCUS South Sudan and the Anglican Diocese of Wau under the leadership of Bishop Moses Deng.

Need to translate F4 Materials into Arabic and Dinka

Please pray for the need to translate the F4 Training manuals into Arabic including the Mixing God with Money book.
"The Dinka in Wau Diocese don’t understand English nor Arabic but are very happy to participate in the F4 Training and are keenly doing their work/assignments in their local languages," observes Henry Mwaniki who says audio materials will go a long way in spreading the gospel of stewardship in Sudan.


Worship and Music Training
The department of mission and evangelism of the Anglican Church of Tanzania (where CMS mission partner Christine Salaman works) are holding a month-long school of music and worship, starting on 9 August, training Christian musicians to develop their skills and their ministry. Please pray for all those involved.


Timothy Mission Partner Wairimu Kamau equips Mission workers

From Wairimu Kamau; “We are currently running the Missionary Care Foundations Course 2015 here at Africa International University. We have 12 students, five regular staff and two volunteers, from four different countries. Best class so far. Most of the students expect to be designated missionary care personnel for their organizations on the completion of this course."  
Please pray for Wairimu and her team even as they train missioncare oriented personnel to serve the Misions fraternity in Africa and beyond.
Pray also for her plans to under the Farming God's Way training at Care of Creation Kenya based at Kijabe so as to learn how to develop her Lukenya land for arid and semi-arid agriculture demonstration.

Financial Freedom for Families (F4) Graduation on 22nd August

The Financial Freedom for Families (F4) training programme is planning for a graduation on 22nd August targetting programme beneficiaries in 20014 and 2015. These include, SMEP, Karura CC, AGC, All Saints among others.
Please pray for the plans and the F4 team that the Lord will make them realise their targets as projected.

CMS-Africa Dinner in August 2015
Plans are underway to host an inaugural CMS-Africa Fundraising Dinner in support of the footprints campaign on 29th August in Nairobi Kenya. Please pray for the central planning Committee led by Rev. Dennis Tongoi who says “the Footprints Campaign is more than a building. It is a manifestation of the ownership of mission by Africans; mission from Africa to the World.”
CMS-Africa thanks God for the keynote speaker Mr. Ram Gidoomal from UK and all other guests invited. To date over 100 people have confirmed attendance and are already paying up for the attendance fee of Ksh.4500.
Since our targetis 300 people attendining the dinner, pray with for the additional 200 people to confirm in the remaining days as the dinner draws nigh.
To date 35 indiviuals have given toward the footprints campaign and we thank God for the addition 3 donations in the last week. Please confirm your participation by writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The goal of the dinner is to raise Sh.50million of the 180 million needed to help CMS-Africa purchase 3 floors of the 9 story building.  To support the ongoing construction of a 9-storey building that is designed to ensure sustainable missions work in and from Africa. Pray also that the various categories of people who will be reached out will become partakers of this God’s mission at such a time as this.

Herbal Garden as Business as Mission Model

CMS-Africa has been promoting Herbal Gardens Limited as one of its Business as Mission models in Kenya. Praise God for the new business Model which is introducing new packaging for their products beginning August this year. Visit: www.herbalgarden.co.ke  for more information.

850 Chania Building Project

Thank God for the official launch of the partnership between Trustone Foundation from the UK, Briken and CMS-AFRICA initiated in July. The Project Management team is preparing the documentation for the tendering process to begin at the end of July.

Call to prayer for mission activities

CMS-Africa produces this weekly prayer bulletin that is widely shared amongst mission circles in Africa and abroad every Tuesday. This is in line with CMS-Africa goal of creating a network of prayer warriors across the globe who champion mission and Christian ministry issues.
We are thus requesting you to kindly share your needs for prayer on a weekly basis for inclusion in our Prayer Circle. This could range from planned mission activities to special events, ongoing projects and functions that you may be involved in across the continent and beyond.
IMPORTANT! We observe confidentiality and ensure that only relevant information is shared.
You can send your list of prayer items to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit this link (http://www.cms-africa.org/send-a-prayer-request.html) for online submission of the same.
CMS-Africa.Theovision International building, Galana Road. off Argwings Kodhek Road, Kilimani in Nairobi, KENYA.  P. O. Box 40360, Nairobi- 00100, KENYA.    Tel: 254 20 213-8242.    Office cell: +254 722 695 693, +254-703-449-089.     Personal cell: +254-750-791-860.    E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Skype: karobian    www.cms-africa.org    renewed mindsets, transformed communities.

The Prayer Circle is a product of CMS-Africa. The staff invites you to send in prayer requests and also join in praying for God’s mission in the world.


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