About CMS-Africa

CMS Africa is an autonomous international mission agency formed in 2008 from the Church Mission Society, (CMS). (www.cms-uk.org) We work from Nairobi, Kenya,  to envision, equip, and mobilise Churches and Communities in Africa towards having a renewed mindset hence  a transformed community.



Renewed Mindsets, Transformed Communities.



Equipping and multiplying leaders in the Church and Society to transform Nations



  •     The Church and Youth  - Make  all the four  active links for definitions
  •     The Church and Women
  •     Business as Mission (BAM)
  •     Leaders of the Church and Leaders in the Church.



CMS-Africa adopted this model to narrow its focus to working with selected churches or dioceses with the aim of demonstrating ‘Communities of Best Practice’ that model at  least one aspect of Wholistic Transformation. These communities then become places where others come, see, adopt, and adapt the mission praxis into their own contexts.

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1.    MACHAKOS DIOCESE – a)Meet Bishop Kanuku – link it to our champions under people
        b) Meet Key Champions in Machakos
            i) Jonah Malika – profile, picture, story, support our champion
            ii Bilha Mukeku - profile, picture, story, support our champion
            iii. Francis Ngui - profile, picture, story, support our champion
2.    MUKONO DIOCESE, UGANDA – Meet Bishop James Ssebagala
3.    MADI & WEST NILE DIOCESES, UGANDA – Meet Bishop Joel Obetia – profile, story, support the diocese
4.    Support the Wholistic Community Transformation Initiative.